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  • There are more than 3,000 news agencies in Taiwan.
  • The nation’s digital cable TV penetration rate reached 95.84 percent in 2016.
The diversity of Taiwan’s media is reflected in the plethora of outlets and intense competition within the industry. The nation’s press operates in a media environment that is one of the freest in Asia.
Most types of media are engaged in an industrywide transition to digital forms of distribution
Publishing houses in Taiwan released more than 38,000 new titles in 2016.
Publishing houses in Taiwan released more than 38,000 new titles in 2016. (Chang Su-ching)
Print editions of magazines and newspapers, including the four major dailies, continue to lose ground to Internet competitors. Drawing on Taiwan’s strengths in information and communication technologies, e-publishing is injecting fresh vitality into their development as well as that of the local book publishing industry, which released 38,807 new titles last year.
Terrestrial television switched from analog to digital broadcasting at the end of June 2012. Cable television services, available throughout all but the most mountainous areas of Taiwan, also provide digital programming.
Radio Stations: 170
Terrestrial television station: 5
Cable television operators: 65
Satellite broadcasting program providers: 118(302 channels)
TV and radio program production and distribution companies: 988
Audio(compact disc, etc.) production companies: 15,754
Newspaper publishers: 241
Magazine publishers: 1,238
News agencies: 3,026
Digital TV household pentration rate: From 21.03 percent in 2012 to 95.84 percent in 2016.